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Printed Newspaper

We’re a tabloid newspaper printed in full color. Each edition includes news and information about CBD. But that’s not all.

We feature and showcase Social Equity, Social Justice and Cannabis Reform, from an Illinois perspective. Here’s our plan for Distribution.

Online Content and User-Generated News

Illinois is expected to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use soon. Proposed legislation projects the sale of legal cannabis on January 1, 2020.

Our online platform will compliment our print publication with breaking news. Subscribers who opt-in via email will receive alerts when new content is generated online.

Later we will enable user-generated content, some of which will be printed in our monthly newspaper.

Engaging Special Events

We’re launching CannabisEquityX™, a two-day Conference and Expo for Social Equity Applicants, Cannabis Business Enterprises and the general public.

Part of our mission is to engage our readers and advertisers together.

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